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About me


Sporting milestones:


  • Sport climbing up to 8b

  • Bouldering up to 7c

  • First ascents and developers of more than 50 routes in the Jura and in the Alps


Climbing training:


  • 2019 professional sports coach Swiss Olympic

  • 2017 climbing athletic trainer Basic & Advanced

  • 2016 climbing instructor SBV with federal certificate Specialist certificate

  • 2014 junior trainer sport climbing J + S

  • 2000 youth work and group leader courses for DAV / SAC

Nice that you want to know more about me.


I grew up in the beautiful Westphalian town of Bocholt in Germany. 


Have you heard of it before?


Okay, admittedly Bocholt does not really shine with its mountain landscape, but the football club was in the 2nd Bundesliga in 1980/81, which should increase awareness.

Luckily, in 1998 my lovable mother registered me for a trial climb in the local Alpine Club.  That was my breakthrough.  Even if on my first attempt to climb I only managed 3 meters ...

From that day onward there was nothing better than climbing for me!

Andermatt 7.jpg

My focus was clear, rock climbing was my passion. Not that easy, at 15.  The good lady from the career information center had to search for a long time when I asked her about the job description of the Mountain Guide; she told me I should be a cook.

Well, luckily I also enjoyed cooking. So the answer was clear, put on the chef's jacket and run to the stove, and after work, go climbing!


After my apprenticeship, I was free at my feet. So nothing like away from Bocholt and towards the rocks. My goal was clear, a cooking job with house rocks was needed.


In 2005 I traveled to Loerrach in southern Baden with my Honda CB500 and a backpack. Working during the day and then on the rock, that was the fulfillment of my dream.

Unfortunately, when you have a job in a classy restaurant you don't really have a lot of free time.  After preparing 478 variations of lobster and as many homemade ravioli fillings I need a more regular job!


So let's go to the canteen, free weekends and normal working hours!  That was ideal to be able to dedicate myself more to my passion.


In 2011 I took up a job as deputy chef in Basel and I started my training as a climbing instructor for the Swiss Mountain Guide Association, which I completed in 2016 after a large number of courses and tests.


Then I dedicated myself to climbing on two tracks, on the one hand I founded the climbing school Focus-Fels and on the other hand I was the head coach of the northwestern Swiss base of Swiss Climbing where I trained children and adolescents. Since the beginning of 2020, I have been exclusively dedicated to Focus-Fels.

Dry -7297.jpg

Career as a cook:


  • Deputy Head Chef until 2018

  • Instructor

  • Training as a holistic nutritionist

  • 2004 cook training completed




  • My daughter!

  • Ski touring

  • Paragliding

  • Photography

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